Been on the road with my girl Casey for about 1 and 1/2 months now out of a 9 month self life hammer adventure. Been so good so far. Started in Chile in a place called Santaigo. Place is rad, fucking massive 6 million people are living there, so crazy. But we were lucky to be shown around by a friend of a friend and saw some amazing places and rubbed shoulders with the locals.

Then flew from Chile to a place called Florianopolis in Brazil. Floripa (the local name) is a big island, one side is a full blown city the other is this rad little beach town. Stayed there for 6 days during Carnaval and spent the week surfing and partying, from there we got on a bus for 18hrs to RIO. Rio is one of the most craziest places I’ve ever been so hectic honestly need to watch your back and the stuff you got on you 100% of the time. The streets there are impossible to skate cobble stone everywhere and pretty sure they haven’t heard of concrete. So it’s pretty much like having a skate behind Skatebiz!

So from Rio we caught another bus down to this place called Paraty it’s about 4hrs south of Rio. We spent 2 days kayaking and cycling up to the local waterfalls. It was heaps better when we headed even further south to Trindade we stayed here for 6 days and didn’t wanna leave we stayed in a hut in the rainforest. The place was average to skate but the beaches were absolutely amazing. Little bohemian hippy town.

From there we head to another island a bit further north called Ilha Grande. For the same reason ,the beach! The island has awesome beaches with no surf, no roads, no cars – just a few hostels and bars.

After the beaches were all done we head back to Rio for a flight down to Iguzua Falls, the falls lay in between the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina we landed on the Brazil side but our hostel was on the Argentina side so we literally got in a cab from the airport got to the boarder didn’t even get out of the cab the cabby got our passports stamped and drove into Argentina. Crazy. But all I goto say about the falls is that it’s easily the most amazing natural thing I’ve ever seen in my life and recommend it to anyone!

After the falls we got to the big smoke Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina, stayed for 5 days it’s like a massive Melbourne only with 4 million people!.. BA has that skate plaza built by converse and I had easily the best skate I’ve had in South America.

From there we got onto another 20 hour overnight bus and head north to a smaller city called Salta. Casey and I got off the bus walking the streets trying to find the hostel when this dude popped out of this shop and goes “amigo you skate?”. Fark yea, so then showed me on the map where the park was and goes I’m heading down at 5pm instantly checked in and went for a shred, the park was so sick and I was so hyped the locals were so rad didn’t know anyone when I rocked up but straight away made me feel welcome had a real good shred with the locals. They were ripping so hard. Pretty sure there was a Tommy Flynn inspired shredder there. We already had a bus booked in fir the next day to head up to Bolivia wish I stayed there longer it had some good vibes.

Just crossed the boarder into Bolivia and now sitting on a local bus for three hours to this small town called Tupiza where we go and do the Salt Flats I hope we make it in the bus cause it’s pretty sketchy!!!! ‘Ill hit you back again soon cya!!!

Love from Gareth!