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Ice Skate Sharpening

Skatebiz is one of a few skate sharpener operators in Queensland.


Your skates are your ultimate tool on the rink. So maintain your edge with the help of Skatebiz. Regular skate sharpening is essential —and the Skate PROS at Skatebiz will have you ready for the ice in minutes.

Resharpening after every 4-6 hours of skating will optimize your performance as well as minimize lower body fatigue.

Our trained technicians use a professional Ice Skate Sharpening machine to cut a hollow into the blade edge. The deeper the hollow the more grip the skates will feel, but a shallow hollow will deliver more speed. Ask our Tech what is right for you.

  • Professional Ice Skate Sharpening, for both Hockey and Figures Skates
  • Same day turnaround when possible
  • 48 Hour guaranteed turnaround
  • Use the Loading Zone opposite the Albert St. store for drop off and pick ups


** Please note that in some occasions we can't sharpen skates on the spot but will do our best to get your skate sharpened as fast as we can. During busy times you may have to leave your skates with us for a 1 - 2 hours.

Call us to make a time if you are in a rush (07) 32200157

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